Noor Program

​Noor Program, is considered as the very important strategic program of Ministry of Education. It is powered by most advanced technology in the field of educational administration; it is designed to handle all the affairs of teachers, and provides services to students and parents. It covers all the schools affiliated to the ministry and educational directorates and general departments of the MOE.

Noor Main Objectives:

•    Provide full functionality to school administration for all K-12 schools in Saudi Arabia.
•    Bringing efficiency and effectiveness in the education system.
•    Provide accurate and timely data.
•    Offering more transparency.
•    Connecting all the KSA schools with the ministry.

Noor e-Services:

For Students
School schedule, grades and assignments.

For Parents
Registration of their kids, transfers to other schools.

For Teachers
Class schedule, notes to students, assignments etc.

For more information and log in kindly visit Noor Program. (Arabic Content)

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