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Curriculum Digital Content Portal brings you the latest about what the world is witnessing in the field of Information and Communication Technologies.

The spread of web networks which became links of technology to educational process, so prepare for actively engaging in and learning to build abstract absorptions based learning, and developing the capacity of learners to explore and think and solve the problem and share the responsibility of not only learning but contribute in building knowledge also.

Curriculum Digital Content Portal of Ministry of Education includes in terms of second phase is consequent merger of technology in educational progress with the aim of developing practical digital content of educational syllabus for the comprehensive project of secondary education (Course System) to produce interactive book conforming educational technology standards with support material for these courses.

Educational content also includes lot of other material which provides interaction between learner and teacher experiences, and what educational process facilitates, and what elements of attraction and thrill it provides and it also provide self-motivation to learner and to get many sources and provide many inclusive climates which covers all the requirements that cater individual differences amongst the learners.

Moreover, it strives to provide opportunity to learner to explore and link (Contact) and build new understanding through faced problems and strive to solve them with aim to support the students to seek continues information.

And it also gives approval to constructive education to support learners to integrate new ideas with past knowledge and giving them new meaning and to invent using curiosity by providing them with relevant environment to support individual freedom for self-analysis and awakened thinking.

Additionally, introduction of self-evaluation and quick access to instant feedback is very crucial in learning development.

The digital content portal goals:

  • Transforming school textbooks into interactive e-Books having enrichment activities and material for all levels of educational material for Sharia Sciences, Arabic language, Social Studies, National Education, and History and Geography, Feminine Education, Technical Education, Physical Education as per modern international standards and technology and prepare them to publish and deliver them with different storing methods.
  • Publish interactive digital content with excellent methods on educational portal on Internet, DVDs, Smart phones that runs on operating systems such as Windows, Android, Apple, Online or Offline.

The project beneficiaries are:

  • Students
  • Teachers
  • Supervisors
  • Learning Resource Centers
  • School Libraries
  • Computer Labs

The project includes production of digital contents of 245 books i.e. Students Books, Activity Books make these books easily transferable among different multimedia with excellent enriching material and they are 4330 in numbers.

For more information kindly visit Curriculum Digital Content Portal (Arabic Content).

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