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With the noticed increase in the number of students going abroad, a pressing need came to develop a comprehensive information system to contain massive data and information and help the transformation into digital transactions, which will facilitate operation and workflow for all beneficiaries and contribute positively in promoting abroad students' information accuracy and quality.

Efforts for facilitation of tracking and supervision on national future workforce of the knowledge society, has yielded in the launch of Safeer Program in the beginning of 2008. Work and development is still in progress on several products and electronic services of the program.


Provision of electronic, integrated services and information supporting students abroad, with high level of speed, ease of use, application and regulation, quick delivery, control, transparency and support in decision making.


  • Automation of work procedures for students abroad, cultural missions, ministry and scholarship granting organizations.
  • Quick delivery of transactions via online systems at service to decision makers.
  • Connecting stakeholders wherever they are.
  • Efficient and quick tracking of abroad students transactions by staff workers.
  • Provision of real-time and direct measures and performance indicators for insight to staff and officials.
  • Point of reference for decisions in the domain of foreign scholarship and student affairs.
  • Raise the level of information security of the systems holding data of abroad students and their dependents.


  • Students abroad
  • Cultural missions
  • Scholarship granting organizations
  • Ministry sectors
  • Travel agent Al Tayyar

Safeer Program Products:

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Safeer Application:

The online e-Services required for facilitation of the Custodian of the two Holy Mosques' "Foreign Scholarship Program" procedures provided for a distinguished experience to those applying for scholarship to study abroad.

Safeer Students:

Safeer students is an e-Portal for students abroad. It enables students request and track processing of various services.

Safeer Mobile:

Safeer mobile's primary goal is to help student access to ministry portal by displaying its services on student personal mobile phone.

Safeer Workflow:

This is the information system that deal with all student service requests and help in taking proper decisions accordingly as soon as requests are submitted. Safeer workflow enables users to help students and provides for tracking of student's academic, administrative and financial services.

Safeer Academics (SAAF):

Within Safeer program, Safeer academics is considered the primary information store of students abroad. It enables users' view of detailed student information and thus aid in decision making through Safeer workflow.

Safeer Financials:

Safeer financials suite provides all the financial and administrative transactions at cultural missions for mission staff and students and also provides for all financial aspects, staff affairs, procurement and warehouse management at the ministry.

Safeer Documents:

Safeer documents serves as the central document management system of the program and achieves an objective of the digital government. It helps in minimizing paper use and optimizing digital processing and archival of documents in all ministry sectors.

Safeer Reports:

Safeer reports was developed to benefit from massive and diverse data sets. It enables direct real-time information extraction, classification, processing and viewing it in the suitable format for several user categories.

Safeer Universities (Recommended Universities):

Safeer universities is a system that enlists all universities worldwide, that are recommended by Ministry of Education and their accredited academic programs. It helps those seeking to study abroad in choosing a university and a recommended program and specialization.

Safeer Graduates:

Safeer graduates targets to enable employer organizations and statistics departments to view foreign scholarship graduates' information.

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