Jameaa Services

Jameaa Platform:

Jameaa System is a cloud platform that contributes at support of the progressing technology in the Ministry of Education. Jameaa aims to provide fully digital and instant services that support Saudi higher education organizations, whether government or private, and their students, staff and faculty members, in addition to other sectors as well.

Jameaa is backed by a national-level database of Saudi higher education organizations' information that provide for the needs of these services. The platform is dedicated to interconnect Saudi higher education organizations with each other and link them with the ministry. Such system necessitate establishing an adequate and scalable virtual infrastructure.

Jameaa platform is a product of the strategy partnership of Ministry of Education and Yesser e-Government Program to help the various national higher education organizations integrate their services and reach the highest service levels towards providing higher education for the largest part of citizens.

This platform's establishment comes in the context of determined efforts of the transformation into e-Government services in Saudi Arabia. Jameaa platform was a thought that was quickly implemented as a government initiative and now it is active and ongoing task of the primary commitments of the Ministry of Education.

Moahhal (Qualification):

This is one service of the platform that will include a number of dependent services like Moahhalati (My Qualifications), qualification information correction request service and graduate qualification validation request service.

Moahhal service aims to make available integrated e-Services supporting government and private higher education institutions, university graduates and several government and private organizations nationwide.

Tazkiyah (Recruitment Reference):

Tazkiyah service enables Saudi higher education institutions evaluate non-Saudi academic members who have contracts with these institutions and their role performance in addition to other relevant information.

Service aims to facilitate contract renewals and the transfer into other local institution or not to enter into future contracts.

Abhath (Research Works):

Abhath service enables faculty members of Saudi higher education institutions to record and list all their research works. It aims to facilitate research information gathering by researcher and help maintain research administrative statistical data.

Etimad (Representative Authorization):

Etimad service enables staff of government and private organizations to request representation of their organizations to get benefit from platform services available to them.

Taaqud (Contracting):

Is a versatile e-System that enables beneficiary organization to make quick contacts with people seeking to join and work. The system automates the recruitment process workflow between non-Saudi academician and Saudi higher education institutions, whether from inside or outside of Saudi Arabia.

Taaqud also offers a qualification verification service for individuals' seeking to contract with Saudi university-level institutions.

For more information, kindly visit Jameaa Platform (Arabic Content).

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