Ministry of Education - Initiatives and Projects

National Education Platform:

The platform provides several services to students, teaching and administrative staff and the parents, including a comprehensive student profile that aggregates student health information, professional counseling, digital knowledge libraries and smart school and ministry services. It is also a channel between parents and teachers.

Teaching Staff Proficiency Development:

The professional and personal development of teaching staff members towards raising teaching and leadership competencies and designing a customized learning journey to each member that aids in raising adaptation to the transformations in the education field.

The Saudi Digital Library:

Saudi Digital Library (SDL) is the largest collection of academic information resources in the Arab world. SDL includes over 310,000 scientific references covering the different academic disciplines. The content of the library is continuously​ updated, providing huge resources of knowledge in the long run.

SDL serves as an umbrella to all the universities in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It negotiates with publishers on different legal and financial issues, saving significant amounts of money and time. Grouping of Saudi universities under one umbrella allows SDL to obtain more rights and benefits for publishers. 

This is a digital environment that is available for several Saudi universities and collaborating research organizations. Advantages and benefits of such environment cannot be reached or provided alone by any single organization, these advantages are:​ 

  • A single central management that continuously manages and updates SDL's huge content. 
  • Benefit Sharing: Each university benefits from the resources provided by the other universities in any scientific field. 
  • Enhancement in the standing of universities' for the assessment needed for academic accreditation, through the provision of rich and modern resources published by the best global publishers.
  • Bridging the gap between Saudi universities, as newly established universities can receive the same services offered to major universities. ​​
For more information about Saudi Digital Library, please visit SDL website. 

Educational Buildings and Facilities:

Educational buildings and facilities are among the most important requirements of the education process and the ministry has given high priority to them. Ministry has always sought to expand the construction and maintenance of educational buildings and facilities.

Section 5 introduces some initiatives in this regard including the regulation of land allocation to investors for school construction, ARAMCO school adaption to accommodate private education programs, and the inauguration of a campaign to assess and develop the education sector's infrastructure. 

Scientific Research and Knowledge:

Scientific research occupies a prominent standing in modern states given the role it plays in community development and progress. Therefore, ministry aims at enhancing scientific research, knowledge production, dissemination, employment and the expansion of postgraduate programs. 

The report addresses (54) initiatives related to scientific research and knowledge some of them are: 

  • The Excellence Research Center 
  • The Promising Research Center 
  • The Distinctive Planning Blog 
  • The National Robot Olympiad 
  • The Scientific Olympiads ​
  • Nashr Program 
  • Research Works Development Center 

Private Education:

Private education has experienced recent expansions and there has been a steady growth of private schools and universities in recent times, this reflects the success of ministry's policies, that aims at improving the contribution of private education for the achievement of developmental objectives. 

Initiatives implemented in this area include the organization of the forum on the quality and investment in private and external education, the support provided to private education to reach 25% of the total number of students, the classification of national​ private higher education institutions and attracting prominent international universities. 

Smart Schools:

Smart school facilities that are connected to support services like the department of education and the neighboring health center and fire department. All smart school services are linked to the education platform and provide means to analyze data trends. 

The report observes over (40) initiatives that achieve this end ​includes the following:

  • Work and education
  • The academic - industrial partnerships for job skills enhancement
  • Employment of external students and holders of health diplomas 
  • Tawteen (Saudization) 
  • The national project for the measurement of higher education outcomes
  • The saudi national qualifications framework 
  • Small professional projects … etc. 

Overseas Scholarships:

​The granting of overseas scholarships is among the necessary requirements for the qualification of national manpower. It allows students to join world-class educational institutions and subsequently equips them to fulfill developmental needs. 

The report observes (12) initiatives some of them are:

  • Your job first and then your scholarship
  • Overseas scholarships strategy
  • Study on labor market needs (disciplines not covered by Saudi universities)
  • Attracting and granting scholarships to outstanding students
  • Scholarship recipient exchange programs
  • Entrepreneurs who were scholarship recipients and attracting outstanding teaching assistants   ​
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