Objective of Education and its General Aims (Goals)

The objective of education is to built a proper and integrated understanding of Islam, to implant and propagate the creed of Islam. To inculcate in students the values teachings and ideals of Islam. To support the students to acquire various knowledges and skills. To nurture constructive attitude and behavior. To develop the society in the domains of economy, culture and maintain societal development. To qualify the individual as a beneficial member of his/her society.

Goals of Education (At Each Level):

First: Nursery and Kindergarten
Nurseries and kindergartens comes first in educational levels, and they are known for their gentle approach and guidance in childhood. Child will not be able to face following levels of life, if there preparation is not sound.

Second: Primary Level
Primary level is the base of focus to prepare young ones for their future life phases. It is a general level includes all the children of the nation, and in this level they are provided with the basics of true belief, sound attitudes, experiences, information and skills.

Third: Intermediate Level
Intermediate level is a general cultural level, the aim of this level is to provide the young ones with complete Islamic education meant for his creed, mind, body and manners. Taking into consideration students growth, and the level he/she is going through, this level accomplishes the general goals of education.

Fourth: Secondary Level
Secondary level by its nature works on age and growth traits of the students, and needs a lot of guidance and preparation. It includes different branches wherein intermediate certificate holders are taken in as per systems set by competent authorities.

For ex: General secondary, academic institutes, Dar Al Tawhid, Islamic university, and secondary teacher preparation institutes, and different vocational institutes (agricultural, industrial and commercial) technical and sports institutes, and what is new at this level.

There is involvement of other levels with this level for realizing general objectives of education, in addition to realization of its own objectives.

Fifth: Higher Education Level
Among all types and levels higher education level is practical specialization level. It cares for people who are talented, and further develops their talent, to fulfill community needs in present and in future, as per national development goals and its noble purpose.

Combating Illiteracy and Adult Education:
The state cares about combating illiteracy and about adult education, and supports it technically, financially, administratively, to raise the literacy level of nation, and spread the culture of education amongst its members. A dead line driven census based plan was drawn by the competent authorities for inclusion of illiterate people and elimination of illiteracy. Concerned departments and ministries are working together for implementing it.

Combating and educating period has two stages:

First Stage:
It ends with getting literacy certificate.
Second Stage:
Follow up to get elementary certificate.

Special Education for the Disabled:
The country, as per her capacities is exerting efforts to give education to disabled as per their mental and physical ability. Moreover, putting in place special curricula, and cultural training, as per their conditions with aim to take care of their special needs, and providing them with necessary Islamic culture and general culture, and to train them in proper skills by appropriate means of education, towards giving them access to the highest level as per their abilities and capacities.

Education curricula for the blind, deals with religious science and arabic language sciences. Competent authorities lay down sound study plan for advancement of each branch to realize their objectives, and also lay down regulations for their smooth organizational functioning.

Taking Care of Talented and Gifted Individuals:
State takes special care of talent of gifted ones to develop and helps them to utilize their talent and giftedness, and provides them with opportunity in the field of their brilliance. In accordance with Islamic guidance, the competent authorities will put in place means of their discovery and adoption of special study program for them, and favorable advantages for encouraging them, and means of knowledge and research as per their abilities.

Private Education:
State encourages private education in all its levels; private education is subject to administrative and technical supervision of competent educational authorities, as evident in its dedicated laws. Ministry of Education is authorized to issue licenses for private schools, institutions for specialized education and these licenses are issued to saudis only.

Ministry of Education examines the financial assistances required by schools, for parity among the private schools. Ministry of Education also supports private schools and institutions to realize educational objectives by supervision and technical support. State supervises on private education for realization of following objectives:
  • Ensure level parity of education and health conditions between private and state schools.
  • Ensure the orientation of school as per the Islamic requirements. 
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