General Education Foundations in Saudi Arabia

  1. Faith in Allah as God, and Islam as religion and Mohammed (PBUH) as Messenger and Prophet of Allah almighty.
  2. Establishing rational human civilization inspired by Message brought by Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) and achieving glory and happiness in this life and in hereafter, are the ideals of Islam.
  3. Believing in human dignity as decreed in the Holy Quran, and entrusted by Allah to practice honestly on earth. (And indeed We have honored the Children of Adam, and We have carried them on Land and Sea, and have provided them with At-Tayyibat (lawful good things), and have preferred them to many of those whom We have created with a marked preferment). Chapter Al-Isra verse 70.
  4. Growth oriented opportunities for the student to contribute in the development of the society where he/she lives, and get benefit from the development in which he is participant.
  5. In Islam, seeking knowledge is obligatory on everyone. Moreover, it is a state obligation to facilitate it in different stages, and the government should put every possible effort in this.
  6. Religious knowledge is required in all educational years of primary, intermediate, and secondary branches. Basic courses of Islamic culture are taught in all higher education years.
  7. Direct different sciences and knowledge and materials in curriculum, adapt and teach them with an Islamic perspective in dealing with issues, and rule on its theories and investment methods, so that they stem from Islam and be consistent with proper Islamic thinking.
  8. Take benefit from all good human knowledge of various kinds in the light of Islam, and uplift the nation and its living standard, as wisdom is believer's lost property and he have to claim it.
  9. Compatible coordination with science,technical and practical approaches are considered as important tools of cultural, socio-economic, and health development, to uplift our community and nation and take part in world cultural advancement.
  10. Connecting all educational levels with the national development plan.
  11. Sensible dealings with global cultural developments in the fields of science, culture and literature, following them, participating in them, and directing them to the benefit of society and humanity for good, and in progress.
  12. Having full trust in the Islamic nation's capacities, values and in the notion that it is the best nation brought out to people and confidence in its unity of different races and colors and difference of their homes (Truly, this, your Ummah [Shariah or Religion (Islamic Monotheism)] is one religion, and I am your Lord, therefore worship Me (Alone). Chapter Al-Anbiya verse 92.
  13. Solid link between our nations’ history and civilization of our Islamic religion, and benefitting ourselves from the progress of our ancestors, as inspiration for us in present and in future.
  14. Respect for general laws and rights, as required by Islam, and make laws to protect security, to realize stability in Muslim community in religion, life, progeny, and in considerations, and in intellect, and in wealth.
  15. Social solidarity between community individuals by: Cooperation, admiration, fraternity, preferring common good to self-interest.
  16. Reciprocal counsel between patron and subjects, for what is required in rights and duties, fostering relationships and candor.
  17. Saudi Arabia has a unique position (character) because of custody of Islamic sanctities, and preservation of revelation place, and adoption of Islam as faith, and worship and law, and constitution for life, and has sense of great responsibility to guide humankind to Islam (goodness).
  18. Medium of instruction is Arabic in all levels and materials, instructions can be given in other languages if situation necessitates.
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