Equalize University Degrees Granted Outside KSA

​History in Brief:

Certificate equalization - academic process - intends evaluation of academic qualification (technical aspects) by comparing it, with similar educational system and conditions.

Higher education certificates equivalency committee in Ministry of Education, is a specialized central academic organization, and its first and foremost task is to check academic certificates after secondary education from outside KSA, for Saudis or non-Saudis, and its equivalency in educational system, is it applicable in kingdom in duration, and courses, condition, previous requirements etc. sometimes the committee looks into internal higher education programs for comparison and considers equalization of such certifications. 

The committee comprises of several members (more than 20 members) from university professors specialized in different branches of knowledge of human and social sciences and applied research. In addition, representatives of the Ministry of Education (scholarships department), and a law consultant of the ministry and Ministry of Civil Services.

They meet mostly four times a month to consider certificates and matters, before the meeting each member has a case referred to him and he have to study it. Committees internal regulations govern its work and meetings. Mostly there are thirty meetings in one year, and there are thirty cases in each meeting, and also they have to answer the queries of citizens and residents about foreign universities.

The committee maintains special library including directories of academic accreditation of universities in the world and universities where the committee previously processed their certificates. Committee uses computers for saving and retrieving their decisions. Before establishment of Ministry of Education (higher education) in the year 1975, the process of certificate equivalency was done by Ministry of Knowledge according to council of ministers' decision no. 542 of 21-02-1966. 

After Ministry of Education’s establishment, the state education policy was implemented in the domain of higher education through the existing universities and later established universities and the agencies responsible for scholarships. Council of ministers decision no. 314 and dated 28-02-1977, was issued to amend the previous decision about establishment of committee of equalization of higher education certificates in the Ministry of Education.

To carry the responsibility of assessing equivalency of certificates issued by other world universities and universities in the kingdom, and decide universities whose certificates are accredited, organizing the work as per the decision of Minister of Education about task of evaluation and equalization of pre-university certificates (Ministry of Knowledge), as subsequent decision no. 72 dated 10-12-1985, to amend the decision mentioned as follows: 

  • Certificate equivalency of higher secondary certificates at equalization committee in the Ministry of Knowledge. 
  • Certificates above higher secondary are equalized at equalization committee in the Ministry of Education.

Establishment of this committee is important because lot of citizens have external scholarships to get qualified from different universities in different countries, and there are some studying on their own expenses, they pursue different levels, it needed existence of an authority which evaluate these degrees, and compare them against certificates awarded by universities in kingdom, in addition to calling similar educational institutions outside kingdom to know latest trends and methods followed for evaluation of degrees.

Existence of such committee also help to outline methods of scholarships to universities of different countries that have accredited academic degrees and assist government organizations of the kingdom to evaluate degrees and experiences of recruited staff. 

This committee is affiliated to Ministry of Education as a body based on affairs of university education in the kingdom and the Minister of Education is deputy chairman of higher education council, and assume by virtue responsibilities and matters related to university affairs, and existence of such committee in the ministry directly helps them in solving pending problems related to scholarships mentioned above.

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    7/15/2019 10:06 AM
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